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2011 Club Christmas Party

By Webmaster | December 10, 2011

From the President
Greetings to all – We will have our annual Christmas Party at 7:00 P.M. on Thursday, December 15 at the Farmington Meadows Homeowners Association Community Center. This is located at 7940 Farmingdale in Germantown. Please bring either a salad, vegetable/casserole, or dessert. The Club will provide the meat. As usual, we will have a gift exchange for those wishing to participate. Please limit the value of the gift to $10.00. Men will bring a gift appropriate for men, and the ladies will bring a gift appropriate for ladies. All gifts should be clearly marked “Male” or “Female”.

Additionally, we encourage you to bring a selection of your best finds from the past year for display.

Elections were held for new officers this month. The officers for 2012 are:

President – Lee Henwood
Vice President – Layn Huffman
Secretary – Jim Bryson.

Winners of the Find of the Month Contest for November were Sid Witherington (Relic), Gerald Laney (Coin), and Jim Bryson (Jewelry).

See you at the Party!


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