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June Meeting Results

By Webmaster | June 28, 2012

From the club secretary, Jim Bryson:

We had a light cast of members for our June meeting, but some good finds were non the less entered in our FINDS OF THE MONTH portion of the club meeting.

3rd place went to Jim Bryson with a 1914 Barber dime he found while up in Minnesota.

2nd place went to Sid Witherington for his recovery of a neat Flying Eagle button.

1st place went to Gerald Laney with a hefty 14k gold band.

Prizes will be given out for these winners at the July meeting as Pat Astor was playing hooky.

Sid gave a nice talk on some of his relic hunting experiences as well as showing a couple of relic hunting video’s. It was neat to see some old history dug. Thanks, Sid.

As I write this, digging here in the mid south has become down right tough, if not, near impossible. Some nice jewelry finds can still be made if one is willing to beat the heat by doing some shallow coin/jewelry “popping” with a screw driver. Water and beach hunters, of course, stand a good chance for making some nice finds. A good sturdy shovel still works on certain relic spots, so I suspect we will still see some nice saves at our July 19th meeting.

Just a reminder that it would be prudent for our hobby to refrain from digging holes in places where other people would see brown dead grass plugs, such as city parks, and the like.

Happy hunting,

Jim Bryson

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Upcoming June Meeting

By Webmaster | June 19, 2012

From the Club Secretary – Jim Bryson.

Just a reminder that our next club meeting is this Th, 6/21, at 6p at the Bartlett library.

It appears that Pat Astor will be out of town and was un-able to locate anyone near by to give the treasurer supplies to. Consequently, things like find of the month prizes, wheatie bingo and such will be put on the back burner until the July meeting. Finds of the month prizes will be given to the June winners at the July meeting and we’ll combine June and July wheat cents for the bingo in July.

It is a little warm out there and digging is again tough, but I am aware of some nice finds being made, none the less.

Hope to see everyone this Th.

Happy hunting,


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May Meeting Recap

By Webmaster | May 21, 2012

At our May 17th meeting, Pat gave us a recap of the April (spring) hunt.

Our hats go off to Pat and Bennie for a well managed hunt and ULTRA STRONG FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY.

May finds of the month winners, …….3rd place, Terry Clifton with a 10k ring w/19 diamonds.
2nd place, Sid Witherington with a period flag pole device.
1st place, Layn Huffman with a beautiful 1848 1/2 dime.

Nice finds gentleman!

Layn gave an informative talk on cleaning rusty relics using the electrolysis method and other methods for cleaning coins. Thank you, Layn.

Chris Halbach won split the pot and John Richards won the door prize drawing.

Our next club meeting will be Th June 21st.

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May Meeting – Thursday May 17th at 6PM

By Webmaster | May 17, 2012

From the Club Secretary:

At the April meeting it was voted on and passed to change our clubs name to the MID SOUTH METAL DETECTING CLUB.
April finds of the month winner, Jim Bryson, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 1st place with a nice Mercury dime, 2nd place with an old sterling locket, and 3rd place with a silver USN device.
Don’t forget to bring your wheat cents for wheatie bingo. A new wheatie bingo game will be starting as Jim Bryson got a bingo at the April meeting.
Bobby Barden won split the pot.
Jim Bryson won the door prize.
The May meeting is this Th., the 17th, at the Bartlett Library starting at 6p.
With our recents rains the ground is now in pretty good shape for digging so everyone get out there and find some goodies.
Hope to see everyone Th the 17th.
Happy hunting,

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April 21st Spring Hunt Details

By Webmaster | April 15, 2012

From the club Secretary:

Just another reminder that our club hunt is this Sat., 4/21. The silver seeding of the three fields will commence around 8a and we need a couple more seeders to show up about that time to help seed the fields.

For those of you planning to hunt that haven’t yet signed up and paid the hunt fee, sign up will also began around 8a as well. Any non club members can also join at that time and hunt. Annual dues for joining the club are $25.00 and hunting all three hunts is $75.00 or, $30.00 for one hunt.

The hunts are held at Centennial Park. Go east on Navy road and the park is located on the right. Take a right into the park and drive back to the pavilion.

Hope to see a bunch of you ladies and gents on Sat., 4/21.

Happy hunting,

Jim Bryson

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