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March 2009 Meeting reminder

By Webmaster | March 12, 2009

Jim Bryson just sent out a message in Sara’s absence (get well soon, Sara!) Here it is:


Sara Kee, our club sec. is down with another bout of pneumonia so some of us will be filling in for her somewhat until she gets well and up and around. If you are so inclined, please remember her in our prayers.

Our next meeting is 3/19 and besides getting ready for the club hunt in April, Sid Witherington will be showing a relic hunting video. Whether you are a dyed-in-the-wool relic hunter or not, this will be interesting and informative. The video is free, but you must bring your own popcorn.

Also, keep in mind that for our April meeting Lloyd Barlow will be giving a talk on coins and coin collecting. This also should be informative and interesting.

As mentioned, the clubs spring hunt will be taking place on Saturday, April 18, out in Millington. At the February meeting the decision was made to seed the fields with coins in proportion to the number of club members signed up and hunting, so the club will not continue to lose money on the club hunts. To seed the fields with the number of coins that we have in the past and continue to have good prizes, we need at least 23 or so members to be hunting. Consequently, we need to have a pretty good idea of the number of members that will be hunting by the March meeting so Carolyn can plan the seeding numbers and prizes accordingly. It also has been proposed that everyone hunting plan to pay the $75.00 hunt fee at the March meeting. If you can’t make the March meeting, but plan to hunt, let me or Carolyn a.s.a.p.

Hunt fees can be paid at the April meeting or on the morning of the hunt, but we do need to know beforehand how many are hunting.

Hopefully, as many club members as possible will be signing up and hunting. Besides good quantities of silver coins and tokens being seeded, there will also be some unusual types of coins planted. Coins such as some Foreign silver, Indian Head cents, Buffalo and V nickels and 2 cent pieces. BESIDES SIMPLY HAVING FUN AND SUPPORTING THE CLUB, here is the chance to recover some old coins that we don’t get to very often. So, set April 18th aside, sign up for the hunt and plan to have some good fun!!!

Hopefully, everyone has been able to get out and do some digging in between the snow and rain. REMEMBER, if you dig any wheat cents this month, bring them to the next meeting for the on wheatie bingo. This round of wheatie bingo has been running now for several month.

Happy hunting everyone, and hope to see you at the March 19th meeting.

Jim Bryson

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