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Metal detectors as Christmas presents

By Webmaster | December 10, 2008

Are you planning to give a metal detector as a Christmas present? Are you hoping that someone else will put a detector under the tree for you? Is Santa going to bring a brand new Fisher, White’s, Garrett, Tesoro or Minelab detector down the chimney on Christmas Eve?

If so, welcome to the hobby of metal detecting. It’s a ton of fun. Recent spikes in gold and silver prices have brought a new generation of people into the hobby, and we’re glad that you’ve joined us! Memphis is a great location for metal detecting since we’re in close proximity to lots of old neighborhoods and even a few Civil War battle sites.

The best way to get started treasure hunting is to come to one of our meetings. The Memphis Metal Detector Club is always looking for new members, and we’ve got a lot of experts who can give you the tips and techniques you need to get started in the right way.  Learning from experienced detectorists can help you avoid the frustrations that plague some beginners and put you on the path to finding the good stuff sooner.

Our next official meeting is at 7:00 on Thursday, January 15th at the White Station library, and visitors are always welcome. Feel free to bring your detector if you need help getting it configured properly… odds are good that one of our members owns one like it. If you’ve made any finds with your new machine, bring them and enter them in our Finds of the Month contest.

We’ll almost certainly be discussing the Spring Hunt, as well, which is a great opportunity to try out your detecting skills and win some great prizes.

Happy holidays, and we look forward to seeing you in January!

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