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Semptember meeting notes

By Webmaster | October 4, 2007

Terri just sent out notes from the September meeting. Here they are:

October 2007
Our next meeting will by Thursday, October 18th, at 7:00 P.M. We still need volunteers to help with the fall hunt. If you do not intend on participating in the hunt, the club sure could use some help in putting it on!!! This will be our last meeting prior to the fall hunt.

September 2007
Total of twenty-three members and one visitor attended the September meeting. Mr. Marvin Stockwell was a guest of Sid Witherington. Carolyn Glaze advised the club that we have purchased all the coins and prizes for the fall hunt. As of the September meeting we had a total of fifteen paid entries for the fall hunt and a show of hands of nine club members who plan to participate. Recognition and many thanks was given Marcus Stafford at the meeting for the website by all club members present. 

Congratulations, James Scaccia, the recipient of the 1945 2-Peso gold coin door prize. There were a few wheat pennies present at the club meeting but none were good enough to score a bingo. 

Mr. Bill Bugg was top dog in finds of the month. Bill found an old Memphis hotel tag from early 1900s. Second place honors were Jim Bryson with an 1881 Indian Head penny and Terry Clifton with 14K Black Onyx/4-diamond men’s ring.  Rounding out the competition with the three third place finishers. Marcus Stafford found a 1914 French 10-centimes coin. Jim Bryson doubled up with two third place entries, a really nice 14K white gold men’s ring w/star sapphire and old Harry S. Truman commemorative bronze medal.

Mr. Benny Hendrix was in possession of the winning ticket for split the pot. The Prez took home $22.00 for diesel and battery money.

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